The United Soccer League

  • Founded in 1959 - One of the oldest adult soccer leagues in the USA!
  • A US Adult Soccer Elite Amateur League.
  • Affiliated with US Soccer through US Adult Soccer and E Pennsylvania SA.
  • South Jersey teams affiliated through New Jersey SA.
  • Home of many Regional and National Cup Champions, and regularly represented in the Regional Cup brackets.
  • The highest level of adult amateur competition in Eastern Pennsylvania and South Jersey.


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Locations of United SL Clubs

Here is a Google Map showing locations of our clubs.


Want to play? Find a Team!

If you would like to find a team to play on, follow the link below to give us your information.  Prospective player information is distributed to all teams regularly.



League Meetings

League Meetings are at 8:30pm at the Danubia Club, Southampton Road and Kovats Street, Philadelphia PA.  Meetings are the First Monday of March, April, May, June, August, October and November.  The September meeting is the Last Monday of August.  Board Meetings start at 7:00pm.


Lamar Hunt US Open Cup Qualifying

West Chester   3-0   Safira

Moving on to the next round!!!

EPSA Over-30 Cup

Bracket A

  • Philadelphia Lone Star Legends, Vereinigung Erzgebirge, Colonial SC

Bracket B

  • Ukrainian Nationals Majors, Sona Harps FC, Phoenix Sport Club


Home Team Listed First   

*Phila Lone Star Legends plays Home games at Away field

22 March 2019

  • Phila Lone Star Legends / Vereinigung Erzgebirge*
  • Ukrainian Nationals Majors / Sona Harps FC

29 March 2019

  • Vereinigung Erzgebirge / Colonial SC
  •  Sona Harps FC / Phoenix Sport Club

5 April 2019

  • Colonial SC / Phila Lone Star Legends
  • Phoenix Sport Club / Ukrainian Nationals Majors

12 April 2019

  • Championship Match  A vs B

Summer under-23 Division

June - July 2019

The Board has approved organizing a mens u-23 division this Summer.  The format is anticipated to be one match weekly in June and July, with a possible playoff to cap the season.  Also, if there are enough u-21 teams, there will be a separate competition for them.  All teams entered will be eligible to enter the USASA National Cups competition.

Clubs that may be interested to enter a team can contact 1st Vice-President Rob Oldfield for more information, at  Applications and a deposit will be due at the league general meeting on May 6, 2019, and competition will start on June 2.

2017-18 Season Awards

Major Men

  • Champion - West Chester United  18-0-0   (undefeated, repeat from 2015-16, 2016-17)

  • Runner Up - Vereinigung Erzgebirge   15-3-2

Major Women
  • Champion - Ukrainian Nationals    10-1-3   (repeat from 2015-16, 2016-17)

  • Runner Up - Lighthouse United    8-2-4

Major II  (Reserves)
  • Champion - Ukrainian Nationals II    9-1-2  (repeat from 2016-17)

  • Runner Up - West Chester Predators    7-1-4   

  • Champion - Phoenix Sport Club    9-0-1

  • Runner Up - Vereinigung Erzgebirge   6-2-2

Womens League Cup
  • Champion - Lighthouse United

  • Runner Up- United German Hungarians

Eastern PA Cups


  • Nov 11 (Open Cup Final) - Phoenix Sport Club  0-7  Philadelphia Lone Star
  • Dec 9 (Amateur Cup Final) - West Chester Majors  0-1  Philadelphia Lone Star
  • Jan 26, 2019  (EPSA Womens Indoor Cup - Competitive Division)  Danubia  6-2  UGH Black
  • Jan 26, 2019  (EPSA Womens Indoor Cup - Recreational Division)  -  Fox Chase SC   4-1   10 Years Ago  (Berks WSL)
  • Spring 2019   EPSA Over-30 Cup
  • Spring 2019  EPSA Over-40 Cup

   Danubia - EPSA Womens Indoor Cup Competitive Division Champions 2018-19

Danubia -Competitive Division Champions

Fox Chase SC - EPSA Womens Indoor Cup Recreational Division Champions 2018-19

UGH Black - EPSA Womens Indoor Cup Competitive Division Runners Up 2018-19

West Chester United - Robert M O'Neill Amateur Cup Runner Up 2018-19

West Chester United - Lamar Hunt US Open Cup 4th Round 2018-19

Phoenix Sport Club - Werner Fricker Open Cup Runner Up 2018-19

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