United Soccer League

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2013-14 Teams

Mens Major 

Danubia SC
Black 47
Lancaster City FC Montgomery United Phoenix Sport Club Ukrainian Nationals United German Hungarians Vereinigung Erzgebirge West Chester United


Womens Major 

 Fox Chase Soccer Club   Philadelphia Flames Soccer Club Phoenix Sport Club United United German Hungarians Dragons United German Hungarians Fury Ukrainian Nationals Vereinigung Erzgebirge


USASA Elite Amateur Leagues









The United Soccer League is proud to announce that we are one of the first leagues to be selected as a USASA Elite Amateur League.

This program, started as part of the USASA Centennial Celebration, recognizes the top amateur soccer leagues in the country.  We're currently the only league in Pennsylvania or New Jersey accorded this honor, which reflects our long history of successful competition.

Being a member of this elite circle will bring additional exposure on the national level to us.

Players who are seeking a team to join can now add their information to our online database...
New Teams
Apply now for the 2014-15 Season.

Can Your Team Compete

in the Best League in the Philly Area? 


2014 EPSA State Cup Tournament
August 16-17, 2014 at Proving Grounds, Conshohocken PA

Eastern Pennsylvania Soccer Association is hosting a State Cup Tournament in the following divisions:

  • Mens Open
  • Womens Open
  • o-30 Men
  • o-30 Women
  • o-40 Men
  • o-40 Women

This tournament is open to ALL LEVELS and is a great opportunity to showcase your players and teams, as well as try out new players.

Dates:     August 16-17, 2014

Application Fee:     $100

Entry Deadline:     June 20, 2014

Location:     Proving Grounds  (Tee's Gold Center), Conshohocken PA

Player Registration:     2013-14 Passes Required.  Reduced tournament registration fee for players not already carded.

Please contact the E PA Soccer Assoc State Office for more information.  610-940-5755     eastpasa@verizon.net


Guinness International Champions Cup
Save with the EPSA promotion


On behalf of the Eastern Pennsylvania Soccer Association, we would like to offer you 10% discount off tickets to this summer's

International Champions Cup!



Board of Directors 2014-15
New Board elected on June 3, 2014

Congratulations to our new Board of Directors, elected June 3, 2014 for the 2014-15 season.

  • President - Blair Thomson
  • 1st Vice President - Thomas Maegerle
  • 2nd Vice President (Development) - Werner Fricker Jr
  • Secretary - Werner Fricker iii
  • Treasurer - Barry Strube
  • Games Commissioner - Vince D'Ambrosio
  • Communications - Thomas Maegerle
  • Financial Secretary - Emily Hane
  • Grievance - Barry Harvey
  • Registrar - Robert Oldfield
  • Recording Secretary - Werner Fricker iii
  • Trustees
    • Tim Curran
    • Mike Jurczak
    • Erich Pohl
    • Oscar Pohl
  • Audit Committee
    • Werner Fricker Jr
    • Nick Kramer
    • Todd Pewterbaugh


USL Game Day Procedures
A Match Day Checklist. Updated 9/2013

Available for download is a copy of the United Soccer League Game Day Procedures.  This checklist covers pre-game through post-game items for teams and referees.


USL Game Day Procedures

Lineup Form and Referee Report
Form updated 16 September 2013

Attached is the automated lineup form.  Just enter the information once, and the 2nd & 3rd lineup sheets fill in automaticallly.  The last sheet in the form is the Referee Report.  Complete this after every game and email a copy to Grievance Chairman Barry Harvey, Gmes Commissionerafter Vince D'Ambrosio, and Secretary Werner Fricker iii.      

UPDATED  9/19/2013


Team Rosters
updated form must be submitted when signing players

The Team Roster form available below, MUST be completed and emailed to League Registrar Rob Oldfield when a player is added or released.  If the form is not emailed, the player is ineligible and your team will incur a forfeit if he is listed on your lineup for the match. 

This policy was announced at the League Meeting on April 3, 2011 and is effective immediately.

NOTE:  Please cc: Emily Hane with your roster updates.


United Soccer League Player Pool

United SL Cost Worksheet
Use to figure costs when adding players and coaches to roster

When adding players to your roster, you can use this worksheet to figure out the cost to register the players.

Download   HERE

Referee Fees
2013-14 Season...

New Referee Fees for the 2013-14 season will be:

  • Referee                               -  $78.00
  • Assistant Referees  (lines)  -  $50.00 each

All matches use a 3-man system, the total cost will be $178.  The EACH TEAM pays $89.

While we have no choice when it comes to how much we have to pay to get qualified officials, we can make sure we get quality work for our money.  SUBMIT YOUR REFEREE REPORTS AFTER EVERY GAME.

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