United Soccer League

Team Rosters
updated form must be submitted when signing players

The Team Roster form available below, MUST be completed and emailed to League Registrar Rob Oldfield when a player is added or released.  If the form is not emailed, the player is ineligible and your team will incur a forfeit if he is listed on your lineup for the match.  This policy was announced at the League Meeting on April 3, 2011 and is effective immediately.

 Some things to clarify regarding the player pools:
--  When submitting your player pool, you must send it to Rob Oldfield at pkbceo@aol.com and Emily Hane at  ehane21@gmail.com
--  Any time a player is signed, you must immediately submit a new player pool with the added player.  This becomes your Official Pool.
--  Only 22 players may be active on your pool at any time.  Any players over 22 must be released and are no longer active.
--  Your game-day lineup must only include players from your Official Pool.
--  Until a new player pool is submitted, your previous pool will be in effect as your Official Pool.

--  If a player is not on your Official Pool, he/she is no longer eligible as a member of your team.  If a player is not on your Official Pool, and he/she plays in a match, that match is an automatic forfeit.
Any questions, let me know.
Werner Fricker III